On time.
In full.
Error free.


On time.
We punctually deliver all products ordered.

In full.
Orders always arrive in their entirety.

Error free.
Our process is proofed against mistakes.

Who we are.

BMT is part of a group of companies with more than 15 years of experience in the international market. The relationship this group has with large multinationals in the industrial and retail sectors, those of high performance and wide-ranging, provides the competence and knowledge for BMT to act with its contacts and negotiations. This was how BMT assimilated the points of honor in its operations: negotiations, shipping and deliveries are punctual, in full and error free. BMT is present in the international market all over the world and strives to identify trustworthy companies who are able to fulfill all the demands of its clients.



This Department works together with the suppliers, partners, and clients, in order to avoid oversights, minimize risks and guarantee operational fluidity throughout the whole process.


It is at this stage that each project is ascribed to the OTIFEF (on time, in full, error free) model, so that it reaches its final destination at the requested deadline, comprising all the constant items of the order, without any flaws.


Sustainability to BMT is an ample concept. It refers to the balance of ecological, political, socio-economic and cultural conditions, capable of stimulating productive activity, preserving natural resources and providing people with quality of life.

In this sense, BMT contributes to sustainability in all the business it conducts, for it makes a point of working with like-minded companies, who are formally constituted, socially and environmentally responsible, and who associate respectfully with suppliers, staff and customers.


Day after day, BMT consolidates its concept in the market as a world-class company of international business. The achievement of such a position is the fruit of the company’s permanent investment in the continuing professional development of its team of specialists.

The search
The incessant search of excellence in service providing is recognized and valued, binding the ties of confidence between customers and the team at BMT.
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It’s a winning team, organized horizontally, at a company that respects differences, listens to its staff and builds opportunities for professional success for everyone.
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Work at BMT
Know the BMT, send your resume, and participate in our globally recognized team, and come strengthen BMT’s global business network.
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